DK – Dog mobile cover

My shop bought mobile cover’s elastic had gone.  The cover kept coming off my mobile in my pocket.  I played around with ideas and designed a Dog mobile cover.

I did the normal test square to see how many stitches and rows I needed, blocked the right amount off on small squared paper and made a chart.

dog mobile cover sock chart knitted knitsrus
Dog mobile cover chart

It is so much easier to knit the cover in one and just sew up two seams.

knitted mobile dog cover sock finished knitsrus
Knitted mobile dog cover

I used a thinned down length of black wool to sew round the eyes so they stood out and sewed the mouth.  I am not sure I am happy with the mouth, I might up pick it and re sew it, sewing black spots on as well and using a darker red to mark a line down the middle of his tongue.  I knitted two black ears separately and sewed them on so they would stand out.

Do you think it would improve the look?

front dog mobile cover sock knitted knitsrus
The front of the Dog mobile cover
back dog mobile cover sock knitted knitsrus
The back of the Dog mobile cover

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