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A bit about me!!

I was taught the basics of knitting when I was very young.  I did nothing with these skills until I was 16 and wanted something to do!

I went into a wool shop and came out with knitting pattern, wool and needles.  I taught myself to read knitting patterns.  Over the next few years I taught myself more advanced knitting techniques.

I soon started playing around with knitting patterns and changing sections.  What did I have to loose when I could just unravel anything I didn’t like and start again?

I opened a wool stall at a local market selling wool and accessories.  I had a team of knitters who knitted garments to order, while I designed and knitted exclusive ordered garments.  I started writing my own patterns to sell on my stall.

As most knitters I have drifted in and out of serious knitting over the years.

My interest was stirred again designing winter hats for grand children, and friends and children.
I hope you like my ideas.  If you have any ideas let me know – I might write a pattern for it!
Thanks for dropping by
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