Aran – Hello Kitty-cat Hat Pattern

It has taken a lot longer than I first thought it would to write 4 patterns, 8 different sizes, for the Hello Kitty-cat Hat patterns.  Each size needed a different chart and all the different amount of stitches, increasing, decreasing and shaping.

Now I have all the basic hat patterns written for all the different sizes I can keep using the main parts of the pattern for different hats I have in mind.  I will just need to change the charts, features and accessories each time and re-save the patterns with a different name.

Hello kitty babies toddlers hat knitting pattern knitsrus
Babies & Toddler’s Hello Kitty-cat Hat
Hello kitty children adults hat knitting pattern knitsrus
Children’s & Adult’s Hello Kitty-cat Hat

I have had fun designing and knitting the Hello Kitty-cat Hats I hope you will have fun knitting them.

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