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Like most girls of my generation I was taught to knit, just the basics.  When I was in my teens and bored, I bought a pattern, wool and needles.  I couldn’t have picked a harder pattern, boy did I learn the hard way!

At some point, I realised I could play around with the patterns and change bits I didn’t like.  That progressed to writing patterns.  I love designing and writing knitting patterns, but they take a while to do to make sure they are right and I like to have a variety of projects going at the same time.

Unique one-off hat knitting patterns. My hat knitting patterns include novelty funny hats, character hats, animal hats, headbands, toddler to adult hats.  Some of the hats have ear flaps, some have ears!!

My patterns are only sold through my online website and Ravelry Store. The patterns are knitted with 2 needles

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