DK – Alphabet baby shawl

I had a pattern for an alphabet baby shawl that had been knitted all in one, by that I mean casting all the stitches for the full width and then working up the shawl.  For the time limits and for ease I wanted to knit all the squares separately and then sew them together.

That meant re-designing the outside of the squares to how the original pattern had been designed.

Lacy A alphabet babies shawl knitsrus
A square

I designed a lacy border with the use of garter stitch and stocking stitch that would look nice and still look nice when they were sewn together.

Lacy B alphabet babies shawl knitsrus
B square

I took photographs of all the alphabet squares, this was before I pressed the shawl though.


I used the original diamond in the centre of the four corner squares with the same border for the square as the alphabet squares.

corner lacy diamond square alphabet babies shawl knitsrus
Corner diamond square

I had designed a lacy border before for a baby’s cot blanket, I wanted a deeper border, I played around with the previous border till I was happy with the depth and used the same garter stitch edge to match the alphabet squares borders.

Lacy border alphabet babies shawl knitsrus
Lace border

I pressed the shawl using a steam iron and plain tea towel.

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