Christmas Presents, Sewing, Stuffing, Grandma’s and Grandpa’s

I knitted Grandma and Grandpa months ago for a very special lady, but have put off sitting down to sew them up and stuff them. It takes so long.

With them being Christmas presents the last few evenings have been dedicated to Grandma and Grandpa.

I started with Grandpa

Knitted Grandpa Christmas Present, knitsrus, knitted grandad
Knitted Grandpa Christmas Present

I was happy with the end results – bless old grandpops.

Then I started on grandma, she was going to be more work and detail.

Nearly Finished Knitted Knitting Grandma Christmas Present, knitsrus,
Nearly Finished Knitted Knitting Grandma Christmas Present

Sorry Grandma isn’t a better photo, I took them on my phone.

Finished Knitting Grandma, knitsrus, christmas grandma
Finished Knitting Grandma

They didn’t turn out to bad, did they?

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