Energetic Dalmatian to Dalmatian Headbands

About 5 months ago my energetic Labrador / Spaniel cross dog needed a new companion who was full of energy.

I looked at and read about hundreds of dogs on the internet, none seemed right to fit in.  Then I saw an advert for a 5 month old Dalmatian who needed room to play and a playmate himself to use his energy up with.

We picked Domino up and our peace was shattered with a very energetic 5 month old Dalmatian.  A 2 – 3 mile walk and fun with Saxon gets us a few hours peace!

The family who let us have Domino were very very sad to see him go.  We have kept in touch.

I designed Domino headbands and have written this blog for the young ladies that let Domino join us.

Dalmation girls headbands with black ears, knitsrus, knitted dog headband
Dalmation girls headbands with black ears

I took a photo of Domino with one of the headbands on him to see if you could see it?

Domino with the matching Dalmation headband.  Can you see it?, knitsrus, knitted headband
Domino with the matching Dalmatian headband. Can you see it?

I hope you like the headbands.  Thanks for letting Domino come to stay.

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