Granny’s Knitting Shreddies

My grand-daughter had watched the advert on TV where Granny’s / Nana’s are sat knitting Shreddies cereal and asked me if I sit knitting Shreddies on an evening.

There isn’t a knitting stitch that would have the lattice open criss-cross pattern of Shreddies.  BUT there is a crochet stitch!  I had to spend a bit of time looking for my crocheting hooks, it has been years since I have crochet.

I knitted a stocking stitch square in dark brown Double Knit wool.  I crochet a chain the same width as the square and then used trebles and 2 chain spaces in rows till the work was long enough to cover 2 sides of the square.  I stepped the next row in so that when it was laid behind the first layer the trebles would show between the first gaps, like Shreddies are layered.

Granny's Knit Shreddies, shreddies, knitsrus, dark bown DK
Granny’s / Nana’s Knit Shreddies

I continued until the work was the same length as the first Shreddies layer.

I sewed up two sides of the knitted piece and the sides and tops of the crochet layers, and sewed them to the top of the knitted pocket.  I used 3 lengths of the same dark brown Double Knit wool to crochet a strong shoulder length strap.

I crochet 2, 2 loop pieces, for button holes.  My grand-daughter choose 2 peach bow buttons.

Granny's Knitted Shreddies Shoulder Bag, knitsrus, dark brown DK, shreddies
Granny’s / Nana’s Knitted Shreddies Shoulder Bag
Knitted & Crochet Layered Sheddies Bag - dark brown, knitsrus, crochet shreddies
Knitted & Crochet Layered Sheddies Bag – dark brown

Does anyone know a knitting stitch that you could do to make the layered effect like Shreddies?  Or is the advert false advertising?

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