Knitted Dobbie hat

Tina wanted a surprise Dobbie Hat designing and knitting

Surprise Dobbie hat

I was asked to design and knit a Dobbie hat by a friend.  Her husband’s nickname was Dobbie. The hat was going to be a surprise Christmas present.

Tina’s search

Tina searched for the right colour double knitting wool she wanted for the hat, she had to go to a few different wool shops to find the right colour.

To make sure the hat was going to be the right size I needed Tina to find a way to measure around Alan’s head without him knowing why!

When I knew the measurements I needed to knit the hat to I knitted a test square to calculate how many stitches I needed for the main hat.

I designed and knitted the main basic stocking stitch hat, then designed and knitted his BIG ears.  I decided to needle Dobbie’s eyes on the hat to get the details they would need.

Needle felted eyes

This is with one needle felted eye on the Dobbie hat.

Posted by Knits R Us on Saturday, 7 January 2017

I needle felted both eyes on the Dobbie hat.

Posted by Knits R Us on Thursday, 12 January 2017

The finished Dobbie hat

Alan loves his hat and wears it all the time.

Proud owner of his hat

If you are having any problems with your knitting there are some very good tips on this page by Black Sheep Wool








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