DK – Badger Hat – FREE – pattern download

I am a volunteer for visitwoods, as part of my role I visit local woods and take photos while walking round.

I post the photographs and comments on the visitwoods website on the woods specific area for others to see what it is like and encourage others to visitwoods.

Free Badger Hat Pattern Download

I wrote a badger hat pattern for visit woods to use as a free download pattern – you can find it here, while downloading the pattern why not have a look at the visitwoods website and visit a woods near you.

Don’t forget to write about your woods adventures and how much you enjoyed your visits – here


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      1. Hi

        Either by clicking on FILE (top right hand corner of the document window) and then Print. Or you can click on the printer icon at the top right of the window.

        Knits r us

    1. There seems to be a section of the Free Badger Hat pattern missing – for the outer hat you need ; –

      Ear flaps – make 2 as for hat lining – Work as for joining in of ear flaps on hat inner.

      Hope this clears the confusion up for everyone – I am not sure why this part doesn’t appear in the live version of the Badger Hat pattern.

  1. Hi! I seem to be having the same problem as everyone else. when i click any of the links it just goes to the general home page for the woodland site and even after searching the pattern on the site I can’t seem to find it. Thank you for your help

    1. Hi Izzi. I wrote the pattern for the Woodlands Trust years ago, they have the copyright – I take it they have probably taken it off their website – if everyone still wants copies of it you could email them how popular it is and they might email you a copy of put it back on their website.

    1. Hi Claire

      I wrote the pattern for the woodlands turst and they had it on their website – it looks like they took the link down from their site – so many knitters seem to still want both the badger hat and the bluebell hat pattern its a pity – maybe everyone she email / message the woodlands trust to put them back on their site!!

      I will email them myself and ask if I can have the copyright back if they don’t want it anymore


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