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I teach full time and do other teaching related work. My hobbies are; – working with fleece, anything to do with fleece, extreme water sports, learning the saxophone. and very occasionally now – writing a new knitting pattern.

So finding time to blog and putting my fleece items and new knitting patterns on my website happens very very rarely!

I would much prefer to play with fleece and it just automatically sell itself. As this hasn’t happened I now need to make time to add some of my awesome rugs, seat pads, cushion covers, needle felted sheep etc to my website.

I am very proud of my rugs and fleece items, I taught myself, learnt by lots of mistakes, made mistakes so I could try and correct them.

I wash Jacob fleece, once dry I wet felt 2 or 3 layers of carded fleece onto the back of shorn fleece to hold it all together like a skin naturally would.

They are all made from shorn fleece, all the sheep are still alive and growing their next fleece. Fleece produce from shorn fleece are called ‘Vegan’, ‘Vegetarian’, ‘Living Rugs’ because the sheep are still alive.

I just think sheep fleece are soooo under rated. They are so versatile, from keeping the sheep warm in all weathers, to all their uses after they have been shorn. You can needle felt with them, wet felt with them as well as spin and use them for cladding.

I have done blogs on my knits-r-us Facebook page – follow the link and have a look how they are made.

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