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Started with knitting and knitting patterns

I initially made my website to sell my knitting patterns. I loved knitting and designing, so it was easy to combine both and leave them as instant downloads on this website if anyone else liked my designs.

Click on this link to take you to my knitting pattern home page.

My journey with sheep fleece

I wanted to try working with a more natural fibre than commercially purchased knitting wool – my journey with fleece began. Wow, what a fibre.

From researching how to wash and process fleece, to now making fleece rugs, wall arts, 100% fleece cushions, cushion covers, seat pads, needle felted items and so much more.

2nd large lincoln longwool sheep fleece rug throw
wall art rye land sheep fleece

Hard expensive lessons

I learnt a lot of hard lessons along the way and wasted a lot of money. But we learn by our mistakes!

I only use British Rare breeds fleece, to help and promote our own breeds and what you can do with such lovely fleece.

Now am picky about the fleece I buy! A lot of people put fleece up for sale without actually researching what buyers need! Fleece can sell from £5 each, to well over £100. I just need the owner to have taken care when they are shearing not to get lots of straw and dried leaves etc embedded in the fleece.

I will try you sellers, but default back to one who put their sheep and fleece first and only sell quality clean fleece.

Reliable sellers

Mark Jones from Wales, keeps British Rare breed sheep with locks to die for – he washes and bunches the locks himself, his locks are in such high demand from the UK and USA.

SOLD. Thank you everybody!Today i have 200g of Masham hand washed locks available. Length 10"-12". Beautiful soft,…

Posted by Cefn Llan Fibre Flock on Friday, 28 August 2020

Vicky Chadwick keeps lovely Ryeland sheep. Ryeland sheep are full of fleece, their fleece have such a wide variety of shades, from soft creams and fawns all the way through to warm and dark brown. Vicky makes her own needle felted products from her fleece and only sells what she won’t need herself. Vicky sells her needle felted items world wide.


I just love taking the raw natural fibre of sheep fleece and turning it into luxury items.

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