Fleece wall art - Dora
Dora the texel mule wall art drying on the lineDora staple length

Original Fleece Wall Art From Texel Mule from Dora


I purchase fleece from rare breeds sheep, most will be pet sheep.

I wet felt on the bottom of the fleece to make a firm base, I love letting the fleece dictate the shape the art piece will come out.  Some of the art work are far from conformist!

The art pieces are made with shorn fleece, this means the sheep is still alive and growing next years fleece.

This art piece is made from Dora a Texel mule.  Her fleece colour ranged from off white through a variety of shades of grey to dark grey.  The staple length ranges from 3/4″ to 8″ long.  Fleece is so tactile you just want to sink your fingers into the piece when you walk passed.

Size 31″ by 31″

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Product Description

This original piece of wallart is made from Dora’s fleece.  Dora is a Texel mule, meaning part Texel and part another breed.

Her fleece was shorn and I wet felted Jacob fleece on the back of the fleece to hold it like a skin would.  Of all the wallart pieces I have made this is my favorite.

The colour of the fleece ranges from off white to dark grey, it has made its own colour scheme.  The length of the fleece, staple length, ranges from 3/4″ up to 8″.  It is such a fantastic way to bring the countryside into your home while knowing the sheep is out in the field growing next years fleece.

All the wall art pieces will always be unique, as even next years fleece from the same sheep will have changed colour and staple length.

Dora’s fleece was so big I used bits of her to add into other pieces of wall art AND made a 3.5ft x 7ft matching rug from her fleece.


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