Original Vegetarian Fleece Rug, Texel Mule from Dora


Unique one off vegetarian, vegan wet felted fleece rug. I purchase fleece from rare breeds sheep, most will be pet sheep, then I wet felt the bottom of the fleece to make a firm base.

I love letting the fleece dictate the shape the rug.

The rug is made from a shorn fleece, this means the sheep is still alive and growing next years fleece.

This rug is made from Dora a Texel mule.  Her fleece colour ranged from off-white through a variety of shades of grey to dark grey.  The staple length ranges from 3/4″ to 8″ long.

Size 3.5ft x 7ft

Free postage to the UK

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Original Fleece Wall Art From Texel Mule from Dora

I made this unique piece of wall art from Dora’s lush long silver locks.  Dora was a Texel mule, she had a fantastic fleece,  I made several items from Dora’s fleece, this is the wall art.

This rug is an original item, a unique one off rug to remind you of nature at its best.

The colour of Dora’s fleece this year ranges from off-white to dark grey, it has made its own colour scheme.  The length of the fleece, staple length, ranges from 3/4″ up to 8″.  This is a one of a kind piece of wall art, Dora will never grow a fleece with this staple length or colour again!

It is such a fantastic way to bring the countryside into your home while knowing the sheep is out on the field growing next years fleece.


Telex Sheep are very big, their fleece is either cream or tones of grey which are called Blue Texel.  Learn more about Texel sheep from the Texel Sheep Society.

Mule Sheep

Mule sheep are 2 different sheep that have been breed together, learn more about mule sheep.


The sheep must be shorn every summer to keep the sheep cool and help prevent blow fly strike.  I buy quality fleece from pet sheep owners and use a process called wet felting to felt a backing. As a result it is similar to a sheepskin rug, but far better for the sheep!

Because the sheep live outside all year round, the item could contain tiny pieces of grass, it is impossible to get every tiny piece out.  It might initially shed a small amount of fleece.

100% Natural Wool Fibre

Texel mule fleece

Jacob fleece backing


Width 3.5 ft

Length 7ft


Shipping to the UK is included in the price.  I am happy to ship any item. Overseas buyers please contact me for shipping costs.


If you are unhappy with your items and would like a refund please contact me within 5 days of receiving your item. Items must be returned unused and at the buyer’s expense.

After care

This item is made from a natural fibre, as such it can be washed.  If it has just been spilt on, use a damp cloth to wipe the area. If it has been soiled more, you can wash it by hand or on a cool washing machine cycle, if you use too hot or too cold a cycle your item will shrink.



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