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My Story – Fiber Artist

I love designing and writing knitting patterns.  Some of my knitting patterns are fun and crazy, whilst others are warm and sensible designs. You will find fun and warm hats to keep your head snug and cosy cowls to keep your necks warm.

Over the last few years I have worked more and more with raw sheep’s fleece it is so eco-friendly.  Fleece is so tactile, warm and soft, you just want to sink your feet and fingers into the lush curls and locks.  I wet felt the back of shorn fleece, to make original vegan / vegetarian rugs (living rugs), throws, cushions, seat pads, sculptures and wall art.  My fleece wall art pieces are designed to be touched and enjoyed as you walk passed them

A lot of my fleece are “one of a kind” because a sheep’s fleece changes so much over the years.  A sheep’s first shorn fleece is the softest and longest the sheep will grow, it has the lambs softest finest first growth, whilst also being left for 18 months before it is shorn.  This year’s dark grey fleece could change to lighter grey next year and so on. All my fleece creations have a unique character.

I love making dreamcatchers, I love the idea of a dreamcatcher using its web to “caught any harm that might be in the air as a spider’s web catches and holds whatever comes in contact with it.


The natural fibres I use such as; driftwood, shells and pine cones, to make “one of sculptures” are foraged while I am out walking my dogs. I love recycling natures finest.

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