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Like most girls of my generation I was taught to knit, just the basics.  When I was in my teens and bored, I bought a pattern, wool and needles.  I couldn’t have picked a harder pattern, boy did I learn the hard way!

At some point, I realised I could play around with the patterns and change bits I didn’t like.  That progressed to writing patterns.  I love designing and writing knitting patterns, but they take a while to do to make sure they are right and I like to have a variety of projects going at the same time.

My love of wool progressed to being interested in sheep’s fleece.  I just love all the different things you can do with fleece; weave, spin, knit, needle felt, wet felt, living rugs, wall art, to name a few.  I only work with natural British rare breed’s fleece, as they range from dreamy soft like fluffy clouds to coarse and hardwearing. There is no waste product at the end of me using a fleece, all unusable fleece is used on my friends allotment or my vegetable patch!

The fleece items I make, are from the sheep’s shorn fleece, they have not been killed and their skin is still attached. I wet felt the underneath of the fleece to make a firm backing for the ‘living rugs’ or ‘vegetarian rugs’, as some like to call them.  The sheep are still in the fields enjoying themselves!

I only use high quality British rare breed’s fleece, from owners I trust are “putting their sheep first”.  Like us, the quality of their lifestyle reflects in the quality of their fleece.

I let the felting process form the rugs into their own unique shape, not conformist and square.  I love working with natural fleece, as no two fleece are alike. My rugs and fleece items all have character!

My outdoor hobbies and interests see me on beaches and lake shores, I love looking for natural materials I can put together later in small and large pieces and mixed with other materials to make reminders of shore life.

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